Wilderness Impacts

If Warragamba Dam wall is raised by 14 metres, the dam will hold the equivalent of two additional Sydney Harbours. 4,700 hectares of World Heritage listed National Parks an 1,800 hectares of declared Wilderness Areas will be forever scarred from sedimentation, erosion and invasion of exotic plants.

The scarring caused by the present dam (when below full capacity) on the surrounding landscape.

Sydney's wild rivers

Raising Warragamba dam will inundate 65 kilometres of Blue Mountain's wild rivers. The lower Kowmung, Coxs, Natti, Keduma, Wollondilly and Little rivers would all be drowned underneath sediment-rich dam waters, killing hundreds of native plants and animas living in the world heritage valleys.

The wild Kowmung River

Threatened species

There are 48 threatened plant and animal species that inhabit the area to be submerged under the dam. Species such as the vulnerable Camden White Gum and the Kowmung Hakea are predominantly found in the proposed inundation area. More informaton about the impacted species can be found here.

The Camden White Gum - some of the last remaining populations will be destroyed by raising the dam.