Colong Foundation Media Release : Raising Warragamba Dam Wall - Expensive, Ineffective and Environmentally Destructive

Raising the wall of Warragamba Dam by 23 metres to reduce downstream flooding -- as recommended in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Management Review -- would lead to the destruction of some of the most heavily-protected wilderness areas in Australia, yet still fail to eliminate the flood risks for western Sydney communities. 

Wilderness at risk from plan to raise Warragamba Dam

The proposal to raise Warragamba Dam is like a political zombie — a bad idea that despite being buried almost two decades ago just refuses to die.

And even though it comes with a price tag of at least half a billion dollars, the proposal to extend the existing dam wall upwards by 23 metres has suddenly found some serious backers.

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Don't raise the dam

The proposal to raise the height of Warragamba Dam by 14 metres is unnecessary and environmentally damaging. The existing dam and auxiliary spillway provides the necessary dam safety. Installing new flood gates and improved flood monitoring would provide substantial flood mitigation at a saving of more than $700 million.