About Us

Following concern about the effects of the proposed raising of the dam wall on World Heritage listed rivers, a campaign was established. The campaign is being co-ordinated by the Colong Foundation, the successor to Myles Dunphy’s National Parks and Primitive Areas Council, is Australia’s longest-serving community advocate for wilderness. Its proposal for a Wilderness Act was accepted in 1987. The Colong Foundation monitors NSW wilderness areas, identifies threats and formulates site specific protection remedies. There are now 2,087,240 ha of wilderness in NSW.

The Foundation not only played a leading role in realising Myles Dunphy’s plan for a Greater Blue Mountains National Park, it pushed for its World Heritage listing, as well as the reservation of a Border Ranges National Park. It has initiated successful campaigns for the protection of two million hectares of wilderness.

The realisation of Myles Dunply’s vision of a comprehensive system of national parks with protected wilderness areas remains the primary objective of the Colong Foundation.

Only with your help, through continued membership and donations, can the Foundation continue its campaigns for the preservation of natural environment and effective nature-based park management, and by concentrating on wilderness, these rare areas can be kept save from development and misuse.

Background photos: David Noble

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